Avian Adventures with Aaron | November 18th

Autumn carries on in Willistown. By now, the brilliant colors of deciduous woodlands have faded and fallen into the ground. And although the temperate world has begun its journey towards winter’s rest, there is still much tidying and small chores to address. Walk with us as we encourage our local Blue Jays and White-breasted Nuthatch to cache as many acorns and seeds as they can scavenge. Residential Red-tailed Hawk and migratory Northern Harrier glide over the fields, observant to the unsuspecting meadow vole. Mixed flocks of Field, Chipping, Song, and Savannah Sparrow with the occasional Fox or American Tree Sparrow strip the native grasses and sedges of their nutritious, lipid-rich seeds. Bundle up, this guided bird walk will explore the open grasslands and riparian restoration corridor of Kirkwood Preserve.

BONUS! If you haven’t already, we will be crossing the new stepping stones over Massey Run to access one of our newer acquisitions of 12.24 acres. 

About Aaron Coolman | Motus Technician and Avian Migration Ecologist

As his title suggests, Aaron wears a lot of hats. With a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Ohio State University, experience in residential garden design, former work as a USFWS Biotechnician, and history as a volunteer for the Maryland DNR Heritage Program, Aaron is a perfect fit at our organization and has been working with WCT since 2022. A nature enthusiast, Aaron spends much of his free time birding, gardening, volunteering for various conservation groups, and photographing…you guessed it…nature!


Nov 18 2023


7:30 am - 9:30 am




Kirkwood Preserve
Grubbs Mill Rd, Newtown Square, PA


Willistown Conservation Trust