Avian Adventures with Aaron | April

Join us for a morning stroll through the beautiful trails of Rushton Woods Preserve on April 8th, where we will have the opportunity to spot resident bird species as they prepare for the arrival of their migratory counterparts, with cavity-nesting Tree Swallows leading the way. We will keep a watchful eye for the vibrant colors of Eastern Bluebirds starting to pair up, and stay attuned to the sweet melodies of Carolina Wrens, among many other local species. Bring binoculars for you and your whole family as this event is tailored to backyard enthusiasts, seasoned experts, or anybody in between.

About Aaron Coolman | Motus Technician and Avian Migration Ecologist

As his title suggests, Aaron wears a lot of hats. With a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Ohio State University, experience in residential garden design, former work as a USFWS Biotechnician, and history as a volunteer for the Maryland DNR Heritage Program, Aaron is a perfect fit at our organization, and has been working with the Trust since 2022. A nature enthusiast, Aaron spends much of his free time birding, gardening, volunteering for various conservation groups, and photographing…you guessed it…nature!


Apr 08 2023


8:00 am - 10:00 am




Rushton Woods Preserve & Farm
911 Delchester Rd, Newtown Square, PA


Willistown Conservation Trust